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We offer cold storage to preserve and extend the life of your leather, shearling and fur coats. Our cold storage vault houses over 8,000 coats and are temperature and humidity controlled between 34-40℉ which is the ideal setting to preserve fur and protect it from deterioration. Learn more about common storage questions.


It’s also important that your fur, shearling, or leather be professionally cleaned and conditioned regularly by our in-house experts to gently remove all microscopic dust, salt, makeup, perfume, and airborne pollutants. While it may not appear to need cleaning, our specialized cleaning services restore essential oils and luster to your furs.

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516 Millburn Ave., Short Hills, NJ
Phone 973.379.1080

43 Monmouth St., Red Bank, NJ, 07701
Phone 732.741.2675
Email: info@sbfurs.com

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With over 200-years of combined experience, Schultz & Blaustein offers our clientele the complete experience with furs and luxury outerwear

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