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Fur Coat Storage – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store my coats with you if I didn’t purchase them from you?

Yes, we accept coats from all retailers, including those purchased at Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

When should I put my fur coat in cold storage?

We recommend placing your fur, shearling and leather coats into cold storage beginning in April to protect it from the humidity of the warmer months. This is also the ideal time to have your coat cleaned and restored so they can be ready for pickup in September or October before the cold arrives.

Why does a fur coat need to be protected from humidity or moisture?

Excess moisture and humidity can be damaging to fur. Always shake out excess moisture, such as from snow or rain, as soon as possible. If your coat gets very wet, upon drying the pelt may swell and then shrink in an inconsistent manner causing the pelt to crack or deform and the fur may shed.

During the winter, how should I store my coat? 

Always hang your fur coat on a sturdy hanger ensuring the shoulders and weight of the coat is properly supported to preserve the fit of your coat for the long term. Ensure plenty of air circulation and never store in a plastic bag, only use a breathable cloth bag such as the one that came upon purchasing the garment. Finally, avoid storing coats in cedar closets which may overly dry the coat. 

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