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Quality Service

Custom Made Pieces

Couture garments are the hallmark of Schultz & Blaustein. Our philosophy is that high fashion cannot be created on an assembly line. With a century long tradition rooted in precision tailoring, we believe proper fit can only be accomplished with inspirational design and perfect balance, making every fur feel lightweight.

Favoring simplicity, our expert designers will help you select an original and modern silhouette with unique detail and style. Using your exact measurements, our seasoned patternmakers will develop a personalized pattern and canvas custom made to fit and flatter. Combined with a precise selection of skins, custom outerwear by Schultz & Blaustein become classics in their own time.

Quality Service

Fur Remodels & Repairs

Let Schultz & Blaustein creatively transform and remodel your older fur into a new glamorous look. Our expert craftsmen can custom restyle full length coats, jackets, and stoles into modern and comfortable silhouettes that compliment your lifestyle. Give your garment a makeover by shearing the fur, tailoring the length and width, or adjusting the armholes and shoulder line.

Providing services to New Jersey and NYC, our highly skilled staff will also inspect and repair your fur, shearling or leather and lining.

Quality Service


Professional climate controlled storage is essential for maintaining the natural beauty and suppleness of your fur, shearling, or leather. Proper storage in our state of the art vault and cleaning facility provides your garments with the optimal temperature, humidity, and light conditions to prevent loss of natural oils and extend the life of your fur.

It’s important that your fur, shearling, or leather be professionally cleaned and conditioned regularly by our in-house experts to gently remove all microscopic dust, salt, makeup, perfume, and airborne pollutants. While it may not appear to need cleaning, our specialized cleaning services restore essential oils and luster to your furs.

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With over 200-years of combined experience, Schultz & M. Blaustein offers our clientele the complete experience with furs and luxury outerwear

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